Functional Service Staffing Model

Inference provides full-service biometrics support to its clients. However, we also support the staffing model to provide sponsors more flexibility to scale resources according to the needs of their portfolio.

Via the FSP model, Inference’s highly experienced consultants and/or employees become an extension of a sponsor’s team, driving success with mutually agreed goals and keeping the clinical programs on their submission timeline tracks. Not only do we select the best in business professionals for the task at hand, but also employ a robust governance structure to ensure that we understand the sponsor’s immediate and future needs, and any current issues are addressed at the earliest. Inference provides back-end technical training and operational support to its people if and when these are needed. We have used this model successfully with some of the world’s largest pharma companies as well as some of the mid-size biotechs. 

 The following provides an overview of the model:


FSP model

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